In this interview Propain is accompanied by his childhood friend, DJ Don. Propain starts off describing where he grew up on the south side of Houston. His hometown is very important to him, and he describes the influence other rappers from the area have had on him, as well as showing support for other up and coming artists from the neighborhood. 

Propain goes on to describe how he and DJ Don have been making music since they were 11 years old. They would make music in the garage, and that’s where Propain got his start. When Propain moved out of Houston, he was working at the Home Depot when he gained support from other rappers, and that built his confidence up. 

He describes making music as his therapy, and how when he’s having a rough time the first thing he does is turn to the studio to create. He expressed happiness that his fans appreciate him for who he is and the music he makes. He used to want to be like Jay Z, until he realized his fans wanted him!

Propain then describes the joy he finds in performing and how music is his life. He gives the advice of staying true to your people, and keep the ones around that were there before you made it big. He ends the interview showing support for other Houston rappers and how you should never forget where you came from. 

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